Tuesday Lust List – Wear Now and Later

29 Jul

By Whitney

While I am trying to be good and keep my spending to a minimum for the next few months, that doesn’t mean I am not still looking.  The key to buying pieces right now are making sure they are ones you can wear now and continue to keep wearing into fall.  Neutrals are an easy way to do this but there are more to neutrals than just tans and whites.  Think gray, think navy…all of the below can be mixed and matched with your current summer pieces (white skinnies anyone?) or easily paired with your fall denim.

Tuesday Lust List - Now and Later

JCrew Heart Dot Shorts – $60 // Soludos Striped Smoking Espadrille – $55   // Baublebar Raw Geode Collar  – $44 // JCrew Mixed Media  Sweater - $98 // Mark and Graham Elisabetta Slouch Bag in gray (looooove this) – $398 // Just Madras Sleeveless Ruffle Dress – $130 // JCrew Factory Denim Jacket  (I got this jacket for $30 and I haven’t taken it off for almost a month) – $45 // Reece Hudson Croc Embossed Pouchette – $295 // Cushion Gem Studs - $26 // Stella & Dot Oslo Necklace – $118 // Equipment Arden Blouse (wear now with white pants / wear later with denim/gray/or navy) – $248

Seven Things

25 Jul

By Whitney

*Can someone please find me these summer Chandon bottles??? Love!!!

1.  A colleague of mine sent over these very crafty  travel tips!!!  A razor in a binder clip? GEN-IUS.

2.  Hello perfect wrap dress and gorgeous black blouse on sale.

3.  Shockingly, Iggy Azalea is not her real name.

4.  Lauren pointed out this absurd Allure magazine article calling Lauren Conrad (PP inspiration) “basic”.  #AllureFAIL.

5.  A workout to get your legs ready for legging season.

6.  Rebecca Taylor’s summer sale is pretty amazing.  Get 40% off with code SUMMERSALE.  I love the cut and color of this dress, this top is a solid go-to and this white dress qualifies as perfect LWD.

7.  Some education for us water drinkers.

Nordstrom Sale – Babs’ Picks

24 Jul

By Whitney

It’s been a crazy busy week so I asked my mom to guest blog a bit on her (obsession) the Nordstrom Sale.  Every year she takes this sale very seriously and I asked her to show me some of her favorites since she is pretty much a SME on this sale (subject matter expert Consultant speak).  Thanks, Babs!  xoxoxo


This post is for the more “mature ” readers of Pretty Polished (read – our mother’s friends).  Most of these brands are favorites of mine that I look forward to buying in the Anniversary Sale every year.

Babs' Nordstorm Picks


Autumn Cashmere Leopard Print Sweater – $200 (The cardigan is a must have for my fellow Floridians, since the entire state is over air conditioned) // Autumn Cashmere Open Knit Cardigan -$200 (I love all things leopard)  // Simon Sebbag Hammered Bangle – $90 ( Simon Sebbag makes great hammered jewelry, love his earrings too) // Wildfox La Femme Sunglasses – $119 (The sunglasses are like the Tom Fords I presaled, but are now out of stock) // Halogen Leather and Ponte Shift Dress - $198 (The leather dress just looks “cool” and might actually fit) // Zella ‘Aria’ Distressed Jacket - $79 (I love all Zella jackets) // Hue Ultra Wide Waistband Leggings – $24 (The Hue leggings are comfortable and cheap)  // Tom’s Metallic Snake Leather Slip On – $55 (These Tom’s are just cool)  // NYDJ Leann Stretch Jeans – $87 ($130 after the sale) – not pictured but look nice and actually fit our “mature” bodies.




Nordstrom Sale – Beauty Picks

22 Jul

By Whitney

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is pretty great this year and the beauty products are no exception.  There are always some great sets and sizes that are made just for the sale.  My favorites are below.

Nordstroms Beauty Favoritees

Left Column:  Dennis Gross Anti Aging Set – $108 ($178 value)  // Voluspa Travel Candles (love these tins) – $16 (was $21) // Kiehl’s Creme de Crops GIANT BOTTLE THAT WILL LAST YOU FOREVER – $75

Center: Tri-Coastal Cosmetic Pouch Set (adorable little gift) – $9 (was $15) // Molton Brown Peppercorn Body Wash (our favorite!) – $39 for 2 ($60 value) // Julep Nail Color and Treatment Trio – $25 (was $46)

Right Column:  No No Hair Removal System – $290 ($395 value) // Emi-Jay Six Pack (my favorite hair ties) – $6.50 for 6 (was $13) // Laura Mercier Travel Brush Collection – $75 ($138 value)


Seven Things

18 Jul

Gray Malin, Bermuda Flamingos

By Whitney

1.  The image above is such a fun Gray Malin photo from Bermuda.   Gray’s work  is on One Kings Lane a lot but each and every time I get more and more tempted to purchase something to put above my desk.   His photos are just awesome.  What’s your favorite?

2.  I should probably start with a pot or a pan but these fun kitchen gadgets seem pretty cool for those who are active in the kitchen.

3.  This is a serious abs workout in 10 minutes.  So hard but so worth it!

4.  Loving this palm print dress especially the back.

5.   Umm I’ve been storing my lululemon t shirts wrong this entire time and so many other excellent tips.

6.  The Nordstrom anniversary sale has started.  I’m loving this Vince sweater, these perfect  studs and some classic  Tom Ford sunnies!

7.   If you know me at all you know that Andy Cohen is my favorite person pretty much of all time.  If he offered me a job tomorrow, I would take it in a heartbeat.  Happy Five Years to his late night show that cracks me up each and everyday.

Beach Day

16 Jul

by Lauren

While I don’t have plans for a tropical island getaway…the next time I hit the beach, I’m going to be wearing something like this…

This navy + white stripe one-piece by Thayer is ultra chic.  The cut is modern but the stripes complement that with a very classic feel.

This tangerine Eres pareo would look great with the suit.  Orange looks lovely with Navy
and since the suit has plenty of coverage up top, you only need a bottom for walking around.

And of course every great beach outfit requires a hat.  I think Eric Javitz hats are really well made and reasonably priced.

Tuesday’s Stripey Lust List

15 Jul


By Whitney

My least favorite part about summer is this soupy weather that makes me sweat off my entire face of makeup five minutes into leaving my apartment.  My favorite part?  The adorable summer clothes!  So many fun and light pieces with preppy and nautical stripes to fill your closets.  I love how stripes can really take you everywhere – office apparel, beachwear, running around, you name it.  Pair a solid with any of the stripes below and you are instantly cute.  It’s seriously that easy.
Tuesday Lust List - Stripes


Clockwise from top left:  JCrew Textured Stripe Shorts - $70 (take 40% off with code “HOTOUT”)  // JCrew Factory Racerback Tank – $40 // Mikoh Striped Bikini- $170 // JCrew Striped Medium Pouch – $40 // Pink Stripe Tote - $48 // Nicholas Striped Top and Skirt (I mean this outfit is amazing. I have no idea where I would EVER wear it but it’s just awesome nonethless.  The purpose of lusting!) – $270 / $600 // JCrew Factory Striped Pencil Skirt (have this and love it for work with a crisp white top) – $34  // Soludos Striped Espadrilles - $43 // Kate Spade Journal - $36 // Tibi Sierra Dress – $240 (was $400) // JCrew Downing Tote – $178 (40% off with code “HOTOUT”) // Pim & Larkin Striped Dress- $35

Spray Tan 101

14 Jul

By Whitney

Every year Lauren and I explain our love for the fake tan.  We are pale girls and embrace the fact that laying in sun for hours on end will never be our cup of tea.  At the end of every week, I go spray tanning and I am officially addicted.  It’s been a few years since I started so by now, I consider myself an expert.  I get asked about this a lot so here is my process to get the perfect glow without risking the sun exposure.

spray tan

Step 1: Exfoliate.  After shaving, I use St. Ives Apricot scrub on a loofa all over.  I love how soft this makes my skin!

Step 2:  No lotion.  After your shower, leave your skin as dry as can be.  That means no daily moisturizer.  This is tough to do when I put makeup on but I usually skip my Aveeno moisturizer as a base and only use my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer because it’s light and has SPF.

Step 3:  Spray!!  I am a huge fan of the Mystic HD spray tanning.  The rest don’t seem to work as well on me or seem as natural.   Before getting into the booth, I throw the barrier cream on my toes and fingers but I also step on either a paper towel or baby wipe the entire time.  The bottom of your feet don’t need to turn brown (nor do they need to be tan).   Wear something light and dark so that afterwards, when you are sticky, it doesn’t get on your clothes (although it does wash out if you don’t plan ahead!).

Step 4:  Do not shower for at least 4 hours (I aim for 8).  After you spray you’ll be a bit sticky for about an hour so try not to do anything to add to that (i.e. don’t go to the gym until much much later, stay in AC when it’s gross out, etc.).

Step 5:  No white sheets.  I am a crisp white bed kind of girl but even after I shower, the spray tan seems to get on my sheets in the hot sticky summers.  My cleaning lady must have thought there was something the matter with me.   I changed to gray sheets this summer and there’s not a spot of tan anywhere.

Step 6:  Maintenance.  To make a spray tan last a full week or a few days longer, stay away from exfoliating!  Usually a few days in, I use the Alpha Beta face pads Lauren recommended a few weeks back and they really are amazing.   As for lotion, I use St. Tropez’s everyday moisturizer to maintain my color.  This stuff really works!  If you really want to add on to the tan, Kate Somerville’s towelettes will keep you at your darkest.

Seven Things

11 Jul

Lilly Pulitzer

By Whitney

1.  The World Cup Finals are this Sunday and the excitement has sort of died down for me but let’s rev it back up with some cute players to keep us entertained. Woops.

2.  Ways to appear smarter in meetings?  I’ll take  that.  A  colleague sent this to me and my favorite one is definitely repeating percentages as fractions.  Genius.

3.  Is your name Crystal and were you born in 1984?  You’re probably from Texas.
5.  Some summer popsicle recipes everyone will love.  I especially love the boozy grapefruit one.
7.    My room at my parents beach house has like 900 lighthouses in it.  I love that room and I would love to stay at one of these!

Splurge vs. Steal – Bow Wedges

9 Jul

By Whitney

I came across these Tory Burch wedges the other day and was like, “Oh hi bow peep toe wedges, you are so cute and perfect and would look so great on my feetsies”.  And then I saw they were $285 which simply does not fit into my summer budget.  I was sad (also a result from “my-favorite-holiday-weekend-is-over” depression but that’s another story) so I went on a hunt to find an alternative and found these adorable Vince Camuto shoes that are pretty much spot on.  I even love that they are 3″ – my favorite heel height!   These are just so perfect for pretty much any outfit.  Summer wedges = best.

Splurge vs. Steal - bow wedges

Splurge:  Tory Burch Trudy Patent Open Toe Wedges – $285

Steal:  Vince Camuto Varro Wedges - $80


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