29 Sep

by Lauren

As we know, I love animals and I love to wear animals – in print.  My takeaway from the Bloomies’ Friends and Family sale this week is the Marc by Marc Panthera Blouse.  Reasons why I love it:

1)  Panthers, duh

2)  The material is not silk, which I find, dirties really quickly.  This blouse is made of a wool blend which feels more durable and the structure of it is absolutely fabulous.  It keeps its shape on your body whereas silk has a tendency to hang more.

3)  I can wear this to WORK or PLAY (see below)

Skirt by DVF {Play}
Leather mini by Naven

I also cannot wait to wear this with some color – I am predicting red or teal in jeans/trousers/skirt form.

I apologize for the lackluster nature of these photos – I have been far too busy updating PP!


One Response to “Panthers”

  1. Jennifer September 29, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    Great blouse and skirt! Jen xoxo

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