An item in review

30 Sep

by Lauren

Part of my shopping strategy involves ordering a lot of items, trying them on at home, and then taking advantage of free return shipping.  My schedule leaves little room to shop at stores… so I stick to online sites with trustworthy shipping policies:  I absolutely refuse to pay for shipping, and am moderately opposed to paying for return shipping.  On that note, one of the items I ordered for Bloomingdales Friends & Family (which is still going on now – through Monday) was this Tibi Boatneck Knit Dress.  This is going to be a throw back for me.

My Review:

1) Looks so cute in the picture, especially with that pink belt – the belt is not included but I figured I could find one if this dress was a hit.  I also thought this would be a great purchase because of its versatility – I could wear it all winter long to work, out, running errands, etcetera.

2)  The dress arrived today and the fit is a bit weird – it fits great through the body… It’s not snug, its appropriate.  But the arms are SO tight and there is no stretch.

3)  For the price tag, I’d say it’s just so-so.  It’s also SHORT but makes me look… dare I say, frumpy?  The length precludes this as an office look for me…(there goes half of the versatility); and the dowdy factor means I can’t leave the house in it.  There goes the other half. 

Verdict:  Return


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