Travel Packing Items – Part I

14 Oct

By Whitney

So tonight I am off to Italy for a much needed vacation with my boyfriend who also is in dire need of a vaca.  Rome, Florence and Venice for ten days I’m pretty excited but the weather has gotten me all confused on how to pack.  I am pretty good about prepping for a trip so I thought I’d share my timeline as well as a sampling of what I plan on bringing to Italia.

One Week Before:

1.  Do you need any alterations on hems or perhaps a button needs fixing?  Bring whatever needs to be tailored or dry cleaned a week in advance just in case there is a problem.

2.  Bring any flats or heels you want on the trip to the cobbler to get rubber soles repaired.  Your shoes will be getting pretty beat up on touristy type vacations so a rubber sole always helps.

3.  I always look at my calendar to see if I’m missing any birthdays or events while I’m gone.  I get my cards ready to be mailed the day I leave and I order any flowers for any occasions that might warrant them.

4.  Pay any bills that are due while you’re away.

Four Days Before:

1.  Start laying everything out  that you think you want to bring.  Categorize your items into piles (I currently have skinny pants, comfy pants, t shirts, sweaters,dressy tops,  jackets, day dresses, night dresses, pajamas, a massive pile of hanky pankies and belts.)  By doing this early, you’ll have plenty of time to edit down what you’ve layed out so that you don’t overpack.

2.  Is there something you feel your missing? A  white basic American Apparel t shirt?  A simple dress from Zara?  Head over a few days before your trip so you won’t be too anxious.

3.  How are you on the toiletry front?  If you are needing a refill on your 3 ounce bottles, go get that ish.  While you’re at it, go refill your prescriptions.

Two Days Before:

1.  Clean your apartment.  You’ll be happy when you come back to a vacuumed floor.

2.  Purchase your books on your Kindle. I always am up for suggestions.

3.  Iron anything that might need it.

One Day Before:

1.  Gel Manicure and Regular Pedicure – I’m not a proponent of the gel manicure but for a ten day trip, I’m going for it.  My toes just look better with polish on them so despite my no

2. Spray tan – just do it. You’ll look prettier in pictures.

3.  Get your eyebrows taken care of.  Waxed, threaded, plucked…do it today so that you’re not red tomorrow.

4.  Charge your camera.

Day of Trip:

1.  Pack up your stuff an hour before you leave.  The less time your clothes spend in a suitcase, the less wrinkly they will be.

2.  Have an amazing time!!!  Xo


2 Responses to “Travel Packing Items – Part I”

  1. a October 16, 2011 at 5:22 am #

    This is really helpful- I’ve been traveling a lot, but I still need tips 🙂 Thanks!

  2. kristy jean October 17, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    My Darling Whitney~
    Next time please mention some ‘luggage brands’ …you know which ones! I have a grandchild to feed. I hope you and PK are having an AMAZING adventure. xo, kristyjean

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