Weekend Bling Needed

1 Nov

By Whitney

I’ve been looking to buy some new fun earrings for the weekend that aren’t going to break the bank.  My rules were that they had to versatile, NOT studs (because that’s all I ever wear) and they had to be less than $75.   Here are a few of my finds.

I like how simple these are and how the color will match just about everything.

Cushion Peach Drops – $60

The dark gold makes these vintage looking and the length will look great when my hair is down.

Juliet & Company Chandelier Sally Earrings – $32

These are simple but dressy enough to actually take me to a fancy dinner or event.

Pave Bubble Drop Earrings – $70

I like the dark gold again here but the look gets brightened up with a ton of rhinestones.

Rhinestone Cluster Earrings – $21

My personal favorite are probably a pair of earrings I already own.  My very creative boyfriend found these for me at a Garlic Festival (I’ve never heard of such thing before either) and the color, shape, size just all around everything about these clay garlic droplets make them a great addition to my jewelry box.  Truly one of a kind.  THANK YOU.


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