Sales Alert – Correspondence Style

2 Dec

By Whitney

Today’s Lucky Deal Alert is 50% off Minnie & Emma. This is one of my FAVORITE online stores because they have envelope liners.  That is all it takes, people.  Cute envelope liners.

Regularly a set of 20 personalized notecards with AN ENVELOPE LINER costs $60 but it’s $30 today only with the code “luckydaily5” and I can’t recommend this enough.  I adore their prints and you can find such cute stuff that suits your personality.  Notecards, address labels, notepads…all of it is just too cute.

My friend Jean is the queen of sending just the sweetest notes (it really makes your day when you get one from her in the mail) and what a perfect Christmas or bday gift for someone like that.   Stay tuned for some more holiday gift suggestions next week…

Not 100% sure if the discount applies here but the site has some other cute finds like personalized plates and bows for a munchkin or preppy personalized iphone covers for you.


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