Spotlight on…Rory Beca

7 Dec

by Lauren

I’m baaaack!  I am still in the picture.  Apologies to anyone who thought otherwise.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks and I am in the throes of law school exam season, which, as you know, means I go on brief PP sabbaticals from time to time.  That does not mean I haven’t been THINKING about PP and all of the thrilling shopping that is going on during this holiday season.  Although for me it feels like anything BUT the holidays.  It is 60 degrees in DC, I haven’t decorated a thing, I haven’t seen a candy cane (we don’t have Xmas decor or candy at the law school library), and I have not even thought about Christmas shopping.  Fail.

I HAVE been thinking about how much I love Rory Beca, however.  In the days of exams I keep a rigorous schedule of 12 hour days at the library & during those days I like to be wearing my favorite clothes… things I feel cute & comfortable in, like the below:

This Rory Beca tunic that I purchased during Shopbop’s friends & family a couple months ago has gotten non-stop action.  I beyond LOVE the color, fit, & easy-breezy nature of this top.  I wear it out/over my boyfriend jeans with my shearling or fur vest (& favorite booties) on the weekend and when I did have a job, I wore it tucked into my black work pants.

I also LOVE this romper.  I tried it on (go up a size) & it is super flattering and perfect for a winter night out.  My favorite thing to wear in the winter is something sleeved with tights…particularly rompers because you stay warm, covered, but still flirty and fun.  This will transition perfectly into any spring wardrobe and if your holiday travel plans are taking you to a warm destination this would be the perfect thing to pack.


One Response to “Spotlight on…Rory Beca”

  1. Abby December 7, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Welcome back!! Can you please comment on some of the more ‘technical’ aspects of a romper/tights ensemble? This seems difficult/impossible to wear out and about on a weekend night. I mean, not to get graphic, but do you have to strip totally bare to use the ladies room? This seems like a lot of work. Can you talk me into it?

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