A Service Review – Birchbox

4 Jan

By Whitney

My lovely sister got me a gift certificate to Birchbox for my birthday last June and I wanted to give it a review.  Started by two Harvard Business School grads (yet again!), the concept is great…for $10/month, a box arrives at your home filled with five beauty samples that are supposedly tailored to your needs.   You describe your hair (blonde, color-treated and fine), your skin type (oily), your skin concerns (acne, aging), your age and your beauty styles (looking to experiment) and BirchBox supposedly picks the monthly samples for you.  While different ones are supposedly sent out to different folks, I have heard the complaint that every month a hair serum is delivered and how many hair serums can one possibly need?   Each month you receive beauty points that can accumulate to help you buy a full size product of a sample that you might like.

This past month, I received the following items:

1.  Jouer Lip Gloss – comes in “Birchbox pink” – a bit much for me but cute and easy to throw into a clutch.

2.  Harvey Prince Ageless Perfume – This is just stupid. It apparently makes you smell “younger” and combats the “smells of aging”.  Seriously?

3.  Showstopper Fashion Tape – always a good thing to have in your closet.

4.  Benefit PoreProfessional – This was a good one. I’ve wanted to try it and I like it a lot.  Pores look smaller supposedly but really it’s a great base for your foundation.

5.  EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster – An energy packet to pour into water.  Vitamins and caffeine in one.  I mean, I’m not into this at all.  How is this a beauty product?  I don’t get it.

6.  L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil – a hair serum (see?)  Not a bad thing to throw into my bin of samples for when I’m bored.

Apparently one month they sent out a Kind Granola Bar.  I am not sure how this one counts as a beauty sample either so that’s pretty ridiculous.  All in all, I’d give Birchbox a B-.  What I like is the idea that a monthly present is sent to me but unlike JewelMint (which LW and I vetoed after half of our stuff fell apart or tarnished within three weeks of owning it) I’m not obligated to buy anything.  If you don’t like your samples, you just paid $10 for the month but that’s it.  I’m waiting to see what comes my way next month but I’m hoping they iron some of the kinks out.  What I do like is the overall idea of what they’re doing they just need to to stop sending food items because when I want a free sample, I’ll head to Costco.


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