Spotlight on…Issa

5 Jan

By Whitney

Now that I have my new iPad, I fall asleep every night by going through NYMag’s amazing app featuring every single fashion show.  It’s quite therapeutic.   Last night I was perusing Issa’s spring collection and followed up by doing some research on where to buy Princess Kate’s favorite designer.  Every dress is cut so beautifully and the fabric drapes in such a flattering way that I thought I’d feature some of my favorites.  As a public service announcement, no, I am not purchasing $600 dresses anytime soon (in fact, I’m a shopping diet for Q1FY12) but that doesn’t mean I can’t browse…

Issa Silk Jersey Strapless Dress – $250 (was $500)

The pink is the perfect hot pink and the jersey is so soft it’s ridiculous. I tried it on a while back and was tempted but sadly had nothing to wear it to.  On sale at TheOutnet.

Issa V Neck Dress – $550

This is the kind of dress that I might create a special savings account for because the color is absolutely stunning and the dress itself is sexy without me feeling half naked.  It also comes in aquamarine or blush.

Issa Tahiti Print Kimono Dress – $488

Fun and the perfect item to take on an island holiday.  We also love it in the solid dark teal that it comes in.

Issa Long Halter Gown – $638

Oh, so you literally want to wear a dress that put Kate Middleton on the map?  Here you go.

Issa Silk Satin and Lace Dress – $1,175

This past winter Issa did a line of brightly colored lace dresses and they were all sold out within the week.  Considering they were in the $800 – $1,200 range, I’m impressed.  Thankfully she’s bringing them out again.

Issa Royal Engagement Silk Dress – $555

If you really want to steal a look from Princess Kate, try her engagement dress that now comes in a poppy color red for spring (Pippa wore this exact dress a few years ago).  I’d like to just point out that the link I just put on here is an actual wikipedia entry entirely for her ENGAGEMENT DRESS.  Craziness.


One Response to “Spotlight on…Issa”

  1. Emily Lowe (@iyellmeow) January 9, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

    I saw the kimono dress on shop bop or intermix or one of those. It’s hot. If only it were warmer outside… :::sigh:::

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