Colored Pumps for Spring

23 Jan

By Whitney

Many man years ago, my bff’s mom, Kristy Jean told me that colored shoes are for hookers…I agreed with her.  But then, something happened.  Real designers started making them.  No, not like Steve Madden but classy fellows like Manolo and Jimmy started getting into this game.  So I am curious if Kristy’s thoughts have changed because I know mine have a bit.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a tiny ounce of this belief still left in me.  Red pumps, to me, still equal hooker. Valentino couldn’t even change my mind on that one.  To avoid the lady of the night look, I’m thinking one needs to avoid the massive platform that is in style right now.  A patent leather blue 2″ platform heel might look like you’re on the way to your shift at Flash Dancers so here are a few to avoid an unnecessary reputation.

I’m thankful for Brian Atwood for making a more affordable (relatively speaking) line of shoes and a pump in pink suede snakeskin?  Siiiick.  I am loving the satin Kate Spade pumps for my bestie to wear to her wedding coming up in April.  The ruffles add such a pretty detail and they also come in a great cobalt as well.  These green Sergio Rossi pumps in a woven raw fabric are simple and beautiful. If you want a more muted pump, try the teal Dolce Vitas for about 25% of the price.  These also come in about 90 colors.  Blue pumps are all over the place right now but Lauren and I have gchatted a few times about these Alexander Wangs.  I am not sure what it is about them that I love because to me they are almost borderline hook. Cobalt is my favorite color right now but I think it’s the fish scale texture that makes these 100% unique and awesome.  I could live without the white rubber sole part but whatever, they were obviously made so you can wear them to play tennis.  On a more realistic level, I adore these Elizabeth and James pumps.  They are darling and the periwinkleish blue is a dream. I could easily wear these to my boring office and smile every time I look down at my feet.  For a go-to colored shoe designer, British designer Rupert Sanderson has a ton of options in true ladylike form.


One Response to “Colored Pumps for Spring”

  1. kristy jean January 23, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    Kristy Jean has reconsidered her ‘old school’ comments about ‘hooker high heels’! Now that the ‘big guys’ have made their debut with color I am revising my opinion…and possibly off to buy a pair! xo

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