Brights and Whites

8 Mar

By Whitney

Just like your laundry, your accessories can be sorted according to color.  After some time away from this great site, I spent the morning picking out some items from BaubleBar that I need to add to my “must have” list.  I love how affordable their pieces are especially for trends that are probably not lasting more than one or two seasons (sorry neon, I love you but I do think you are fleeting).  Not a member of this great go-to jewelry site?  Join today and get some really cute stuff!

Top Row:

Fluoro Necklace (pink)  – $32 – also comes in blue and yellow

Tournesol Studs – $26

Crayola Links Necklace (green) – $26 – also comes in chocolate, light blue and hot pink

White Rope Cuff – $52 – my personal favorite

Bottom Row:

Atari Glam Cuff – $36

Sea Foam Cable Necklace – $54  – a MINT necklace!

Palm Beach Cuff – $26

Oceana Necklace (blue/yellow) – $62 – Almost like two of the fluoro necklaces combined and it also comes in a pink/yellow combo.


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