Lauren’s Lust List

21 May

by Lauren

I am sure you have all been wondering about my whereabouts these last few weeks!  It has been an absolutely terrible month for me.  I spent the last 3 weeks in a carrel at the library studying for five law school exams and writing one final paper.  I have just a few days to get my life back in order before I start a summer job with a big law firm downtown & start work on a 45 page research paper.  I wish I could say the summer is looking to be relaxing!  That said, my lust list is very corporate / professional focused – I need to completely revamp my workwear so I am on point for my 10 week internship!

3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel

I need a professional satchel – fortunately, I already have a work bag I can use, but I absolutely adore this one.  I know its borderline Celine/Reed Krakoff inspired, but in our minds, Phillip Lim can do no wrong so it’s 100% acceptable.

Michael Kors Watch

Every professional needs a watch to stay punctual.

Kate Spade Cardigan

(& here)


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