Who’s Invited To This Party?

5 Jun

By Whitney

I know that The Man Repeller is pushing for her term “arm party” to be retired but how else does one describe the many layers of bracelets to polish off an outfit???  I really struggle with bracelets because I have abnormally small wrists so bangles just fall off but lately I’ve been finding a few that are adjustable making my life a lot easier.

The trick for the arm party to work for both work and play is to try to get bracelets that are pretty neutral and mesh with lots of things. The better to mix and match with.  This was a work arm party a couple of weeks ago.

On Saturday I took the CFA again but I was not about to let a 9 hour test day affect my outfit.  In fact, I sent Lauren a text at 730AM with this photo showing her my Exam Arm Party that was my motivation to get through the day.

Next on the invite list to the party?  This little guy.

Arm Party Attendees:

Turquoise Beaded JCrew Bracelet and Blue Braided JCrew Bracelet – both $24 (in stores only.)

Tai evil eye cord bracelet – $70  (I also love this and this)

BaubleBar Pop Rocks Bracelet in white – $24

Timex Originals Easy Reader Watch in white – $70

Vintage Cartier Watch – this is my favorite possession that I own.  A side story to perk up your Tuesday mornings…this watch is a gift from my dad to my mom from the 70’s.  It is engraved underneath and it says, “KRH loves BTH” i.e. Ken loves Barbie.  It makes me smile everyday.


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