Pretty Polished Paper!

12 Jul

By Whitney

I’m always looking for office accessories that aren’t lame to help me appear to be put together at 8AM meetings when really I am sleeping with my eyes open.  Insert May Books.  These customized notebooks let you pick a pattern (nautical ropes, chevrons, you name it), add a monogram in an array of colors, and choose your paper (agendas, baby planning, plain old notebooks).  They’re all under $25 which also make them the perfect gift for the list-lovers in your life (myself included).  A friend just got a new job? What a perfect way to say congrats!  I was bored so I created two (the previews are very helpful) that I would love to see in my taupe cubicle to add that pop of color that we all love so much.

May Books personalized notebooks – $17 – $23

One Response to “Pretty Polished Paper!”

  1. theflossylife July 16, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    i love customized paper products – so cute!
    xx theflossylife

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