Add Some Rose Gold to Your Day

13 Aug









By Whitney

I have been having a love affair with rose gold these days as I am loving how pretty it is laying against basic black.  My obsession with BaubleBar makes this new jewel tone easy for me because they have so many reasonable pieces, including this awesome necklace that they sadly no longer have.  Despite one of my co-workers calling it my “Mr. T” necklace (kill me with some of the people I work with), I love this piece.  I love the color and the statement it makes.  It’s just awesome.  See below for some more of my favorite rose gold pieces…The chain wrap watch is such an easy thing to throw on and call it a day and those bow studs are adorable!!



Clockwise from Top:  Sara Designs Chain Wrap Watch – $330 // Michael Kors Oversized Watch – $275 // Rose Knot Studs  – $24 // Tuleste Market Double Bow Studs – $35 // Link Ring – $40 // Crystal Stud Ring – $26 // Mini Monogram Necklace – $95 // Gorjana Feather Necklace – $60 // Jennifer Zeuner Love Bracelet – $121 // Jules Smith America Classic Bangle – $75 // Disco Ball Bangle – $26


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