topshop to the rescue

29 Aug

by Lauren

I love finding things at topshop – the site is full of great bargains and the fits, cuts, and styles are usually right on point.  Next weekend, I will be going to the Harriman Cup polo match in NYC where Van (my N&P co-blogger) will be judging the best dressed contest.  He has instructed that everyone still dresses very spring & even wears sun hats.  While I am not sure I can stomach the latter on a date as late as Sep. 8, I think I can probably finagle a look that is light like spring but doesn’t make me wretch by being so seasonally irrelevant.  That is where topshop came in…

I absolutely love this textured, pleated dress in coral & blue – and it is only $55.  My sister tried this on for me and she looked great – as a warning though, the torso on this baby is really short.  {this dress comes in a bevy of great colors btw}

Fluoro Oragami Dress

The colors on this & the floral print would be perfect for a polo match, but the gray hues mixed with the green make it feel a little more Indian Summer.

I have not seen this little red skater dress number in person, but red will be hot again this fall.  I love the pleats and neckline on this one.


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