Key Fall Vacation Piece – A Chambray Shirt

12 Sep

By Whitney

I am going to South Africa tomorrow for work and am being told I should try to bring a carry on for a little over a week. I really don’t know how this is going to be possible but I’m trying to pack versatile items that will work for me in lots of different ways.  My key piece for my upcoming safari weekend?  A chambray shirt from Madewell.  It’s the only new thing that I bought for the trip (it costs $75 so I think that’s allowed) and I have a feeling I will wear it a ton after I come back.  I plan on wearing this on the plane with a pair of  leggings but I have four different bottoms to try with it as well.  I can tuck it into neutral shorts for seeing giraffes, tied at the waist with a white pair of J Brand twill pants while possibly riding an elephant (I feel like I can wear white after Labor Day in Africa, no?) and worn just loosely with cuffed sleeves with a pair of straight leg jeans.  One option I won’t be trying in Africa but looks adorable for fall is tucked into a black leather skirt. I still love this one from Madewell!


One Response to “Key Fall Vacation Piece – A Chambray Shirt”

  1. The Preppy Leopard September 12, 2012 at 10:03 am #

    South Africa?! That might be the most epic business trip I’ve ever heard of!
    Ever since a near disaster when I was traveling to Kenya where my suitcase was missing for a harrowing half hour (we found it!), I try to fit everything in a large carry-on. Surprisingly enough, Victoria Secret’s PINK line makes really cute rolling carry on bags. Mine’s black and white polka dot! (Also, the bright side of having a big carry on is that you don’t have to pay to check a bag, but normally once you get to the plane, they ask if you wouldn’t mind checking it complementary. WHY YES I WILL.)

    When I travel, I do a lot of knit dresses. They pack up really small, and you can dress them up and down. Since it’s a work trip, wear a blazer on the plane with a scarf, and then throw a few cardigans in your bag, and you can mix and match a million outfits without sacrificing space.

    Have fun! Take lots of pictures!

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