The Classic Monogram Necklace

11 Oct

By Whitney

As Lauren said yesterday, every girl loves a good monogram.  All three of the Horner Girls have these Ginette_ny monogram necklaces from about four years ago and I’ve worn mine about 4x a week ever since.   I love it and it goes with absolutely everything.  (I’ve even added an additional monogram necklace courtesy of my favorite co-blogger Lauren from my birthday last year in an awesome acrylic cobalt blue that I also am sort of obsessed with.)  However, these classic pieces have gone up so far in price that it’s just absurd so my mom requested I show some lower priced options that’s comparable in chicness.

As Lauren previously posted for a great bridesmaid gift, this is a great replacement from Max and Chloe.  You also can get this in a variety of different metals ranging from $175 – $575.

West Avenue Classic Monogram – starting at $175

Lauren and I both love the lace monograms but we also like this monogram disk pendant from Max and Chloe as well.

West Avenue Monogram Disk Pendant – $100 – $340

Baublebar also makes a very affordable option in silver and gold.

Baublebar Large Monogram – $115

Or try it in an eyepopping fun color like turquoise or pink for $56

It’s definitely not as eye-catching as the larger ones but at only half an inch (.4″ to be exact) Baublebar’s mini monogram for $95 is definitely something on my wish list!


2 Responses to “The Classic Monogram Necklace”

  1. Jennifer Sapp October 24, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    We have the acrylic necklaces for 29.99 to 34.99 Check us out at

    We would love to serve you and your bloggers!!!

  2. Monogram Necklace November 26, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

    Those are some great looking monogram necklace’s. Thank you for sharing this with us Eileen. My wife was just mentioning to me how she would love to have one of these, so I’m going to make sure I share your blog with her. Thanks again!

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