Holiday Cards – Get Yourself to the Post Office!

29 Nov

By Whitney

I take card giving quite seriously and this holiday season is no exception.  While I am a huge fan of Paperless Post, there really is no substitution for that feeling of opening up your mail during December and seeing your mailbox full of holiday cards.  I try to get these out by mid-December (or next week for the Hannukah celebrators) so let’s get moving!

Every year I try to buy a new set of six-eight cards and save a couple for the next year.  I’ve been doing this for quite a while now so I have quite the collection and it’s always so pretty to look through.  I love pretty much everything letterpress (I went with the Vintage Ornaments in blue for my new set this year) but the “holidays go together” ones are pretty funny.  The raised green snowflakes one is unique and the peppermints are too too cute (and religiously agnostic!).   While I adore the pug for Hanukah because it’s just fun, another pretty option is here.

Top Row:  Crane & Co Stag Cards (set of 10) – $36 // Greenwich Letterpress Holidays Go Together (set of 8) – $16 // Papyrus Bejeweled Trees (set of 8) – $26 // Maybooks Notecards in Cross Stich Navy (set of 12) – $30 (or $35 with monogram)

Bottom Row:  Felt & Wire Peppermints card – $4 // Sycamore Street Pug Card (set of 6) – $15 // Wild Ink Press Vintage Ornaments (set of 6) -$15 // Wild Ink Press Dark Green Snowflake (set of 8) – $18

In case you are like me and want your correspondence to be perfect, I ran out of stamps yesterday and went to the post office to get some new ones.  I wound up getting two sets of 10 for the holidays…Christmas and Hannukah.  It really only adds to the festiveness.

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