Snow Boots That Don’t Make You Cringe

7 Dec

By Whitney

Snowboots. I don’t know what to really say on this one. They’re ugly.  It stinks because I love living in cold places with tons of snow (more than Uggs appropriate even though I still hate them) but I refuse to walk around in shoes that make me look like a bruiser.  It’s just not happening.  But I have a very strong feeling that this winter is going to be brutal in NYC (I’m already chilled to the bone) so I am going to need a sturdy pair.  There is no fashionable solution to this (honestly, these wedge snow boots have got to go because they look like a death trap) so I present my favorite options that are’t as hideous with black leggings as others possibilities may be.

There are no better winter boots than Sorels as I was introduced to them when I lived in Chicago by a dear friend from the very cold land of Minnesota.

Sorel 1964 Premium CVS – $140

Sperry Top-Sider for JCrew – $148

Tory Burch Shearling Boots -(I miss her duck boots from two seasons ago) – $375

These aren’t snowboots but these are just my favorite rain booties of all time. Too cute!  Throw on a heavy pair of Smartwool socks with these and head out.

Loeffler Randall Rain Booties – $130 or $80 on sale at Saks right now!


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