Inauguration Style

17 Jan

by Lauren

For those of you in DC or part of the 800,000 making a pilgrimage to this fine city for the weekend’s festivities, you are probably in the throes of planning your look for one of the many celebrations.  At this point, you probably have a solid idea of what you’re wearing, but hair & make up are still in the planning phase.  Let me begin by saying, I am TERRIBLE at doing hair – so I will be having mine done by a third party, however, I still need some idea of what to tell them.  I think I gravitate toward the elegant or glam look, however I tried to incorporate some things that are boho and trendy to accommodate for everyone’s taste.

Here are a few things I have spotted that I really like:

ImageThere is of course the ever popular “bun” or “top knot” – this one sported by Olivia Wilde looks pretty “do it yourself” – a bit of teasing and hair spray with some strategic bobby pinning could accomplish this look.  I am really obsessed with the volume of this bun and might try to accomplish something similar:


I also adore Merritt Beck’s hair (of The Style Scribe) in this photo:



She looks so perfectly glam.  For this look, Merritt used the clip-less curling iron.  It’s a pricey instrument but when you figure it costs about $100 to have your hair done for an event, it’s a worthwhile investment.  In this same vain, I will never get enough of vintage hair – it is a pretty easy do it yourself, and if you’re wearing a chic shift shaped dress I think this hair complements the look very well:


For those of you who venture into the more intricate, halo braids are still very much in vogue.  


Here are a few other elegant styles I have been attracted to:



As for makeup, right now is really all about the cat eye & a dramatic lip.  You cannot go wrong with some thick, liquid liner & a bold red lip.  I have been trying to reinvigorate the nude lip into my life but haven’t struck the right chord yet.  However, I think the  “Foiled Lip” on the Beauty Department is nude, fancy & special and a fun option for a festive affair.



This also may be the right occasion to don some false lashes – just make sure you pick a pair that complement your eye & face size/shape.  You don’t want to roll around looking like a HTM (hot tranny mess).




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