Milly Sale Picks

28 Jan

By Lauren and Whitney

Last night, Lauren and I were having a typical texting conversation in which we bounced between would you rather Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Bradley Cooper, Lauren’s love of the movie Taken, Philip Lim pants, Taylor Swift’s “enhancement” debate and amazing Milly pieces that are currently on sale.  Here is what we sent to each other.  Let’s just say there was a lot of “love” and “you should def get that”.

Moritz Sweater DressMoritz Sweater Dress – $262


This girly outfit is amazing.  The skirt also comes in ballet pink .

Ivy Lace Blouse – $206 // Laurel Skirt – $179

Turtleneck and Skirt

Lauren’s favorite, this outfit is 100% put together.  This leather pencil skirt is such a great piece.

Shirred Turtleneck – $126 //Classic Pencil Skirt – $246

Cocktail Coat

This has been on my wishlist since November.  Gorgeous and so unique.

Cocktail Coat – $455

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