Sister, Sister

6 Feb

by Lauren

So I think Groundhog’s Day was recently. The reason I am not sure: I don’t care.  Groundhog’s Day has got to be the biggest POS holiday.  Not only is it full of lies, its namesake of a blockbuster failure underscored how pointless the day is.  We don’t need an oversized rodent to tell us how much winter is left – I can tell you that there is always more winter left from the beginning of February.  Maybe that is the irony in the film – nope nope pretty certain that film existed to extort money by filming 30 minutes of footage and repeating it 7 times.

This does have a point – my sister has made a request for some clothing to get her through the remaining weeks of winter. Stipulations: going out appropriate, relatively cheap since the winter clothing budget was spent ages ago, motivational.  I hear you sister soul: going out in the freezing cold (particularly Chicago’s frigid temps) gets exhausting.

I went straight to Asos for this request & of course found way too many things that I MUST HAVE NOW.

Asos studded sweatshirt

Beyond obsessed with this studded sweatshirt – sure, it’s super casual, but with a pair of black pants, heels, a cool jacket, and some stacked bracelets you could make this into a sick going out outfit.  Katelyn – Get this.

L Sweatshirt

I got this in the mint color.  It has a giant “L” on it – duh.  For those of you without a reason to purchase a giant L sweatshirt.  I’m not sure what to tell you.  Your initials are inferior.

Metallic Sweater

Metallic Sweater

Short Sleeve Studs

ASOS Studded Short Sleeve Sweater
I was obviously in a studded mood when I wrote this.  I love this sweater.


Swan Dress
As we know, Whitney and I are suckers for all of the Asos animal prints – I love the structure on this dress – its ladylike and my guess is that it’s flattering.

Bow dress

Bow Dress
I mean what do we even say about this – it’s adorable and affordable


High Waisted Shorts
Since shorts are my favorite things ever – I had to include these.  They’re so cool!

Bali Shirt

Bali Shirt

This shirt is super versatile (& would look super cool with the shorts pictured above since it would highlight the waist on the shorts!)

Bow Shirt

Bow Shirt
Love how dramatic this is – it’s also super versatile

Disclaimer:  Over the course of writing this post, the available sizes in each of these items has diminished significantly – if you like something, order quick!  I will keep browsing for more great deals on Asos but want to get these out to you ASAP so you can browse sizes before they sell out! 


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