How to NOT Check a Bag

28 Feb

Suitcase Advice

By Whitney

I’m not going to lie.  I am pretty talented at packing a carry on.  Traveling for three days is a pretty easy thing for me but five+ days is where it gets a bit tricky.  Every nook & cranny of that suitcase + carry on tote bag is one that must be utilized to it’s fullest.  When going on a week long international trip for work, I refuse to bring anything but a carry on.   I want to get in and out as quickly as possible and checking a bag is not an option.  I’m headed to Germany on Sunday and the above  pretty much what’s in my bag.  I tend to focus on two key pieces that I can alternate between (and get dry cleaned while I’m there).  The trick is to bring different complementary pieces that fold nicely (cardigans are key) and have your accessories be as versatile and classic as possible.  I’ll pack three pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of pumps and flats.

Base #1:  Pencil Skirt

The DVF Koto pencil skirt might be the best purchase I made in 2012.  It’s ponte knit fabric can be worn year round and it works well with pretty much everything.  I also am going to try the Halogen version as it’s $45 and comes in so many fun colors.  Pairing this with a neutral silk blouse (JCrew’s adorable button Sosie has been on my list this spring) or a detailed cardigan (I couldn’t resist putting in this mint Oscar de la Renta bow one but try Kate Spade’s Ruthie which is equally as cute but hard to find these days!).  I also love this Nanette Lepore option.  The trick is to pack as many neutral blouses as I can fit because I’ll wear them with skinny pants if I do some sightseeing (yet to happen).  Dark gray patent pumps area perfect versatile neutral.

Base #2:  Sheath Dress

Kate Spade makes the best little black workdress every season and the Evie Sheath Dress is this spring’s.  This dress is my go-to for when I need to be more formal with a jacket and my preference is a tweed blazer like this Tory Burch Emma Jacket.  I’ll throw on a preppy cardi (that also can be worn with my pencil skirt), a classic chunky gold necklace and a gold belt to finish off the outfit on a more informal day.  I’ve never been a Steve Madden fan but these heels have such a great feminine bow on them they would be a great option for my suitcase since I always try to add something girly to my basics.

Base #3:  Skinnies

The key to my casual looks are skinny pants and leggings.  A drapey cardigan, scalloped ballet flats and lots of comfy soft leggings.  I pretty much will wear this on the plane and bring pashminas and drape large amounts of clothing on me to keep me warm as I am freezing on every flight I go on.

And that’s my suitcase.  Deutschland, here I come!


One Response to “How to NOT Check a Bag”

  1. ladylighttravel February 28, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    One way to get a little extra mileage is to layer your tops over your sheath dress, giving it a skirt / blouse look. Then bring a skirt in a different color (grey?) to get more looks.

    I bring only one pair of plain pumps. I can get more looks by using clip on barrettes as shoe clips for extra looks.

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