Lauren’s Shopbop Picks

16 Apr

by Lauren

In honor of F&F day on Shopbop… here are a few of the things I am eyeing.  I have not stopped thinking about the Endless Summer Clover Canyon skirt that I posted last week, so that is at the top of my list.  This spring I am still really coveting seaparates – shorts or skirts & blouses, pants and tops etc. over dresses.  I just get so much more mileage out of them.  We will be posting more favorites today & tomorrow!

Napoleon Skirt


Nicholas is super pricey so F&F is a great time to snag one of their fun, vibrant skirts!

Since the next four months of my life are going to find me holed up in the library studying, I need some easy shorts I can throw on and run out the door in.  For a more put together look, I would love to wear these with a darker navy hued denim vest and a breezy white blouse.

NSF Shorts

NSF Shorts

I love these because I imagine the cuff is super flattering.  I am also very into the distressed look right now & love the wash on these.

RT Shorts

Rebecca Taylor Bleached Shorts

Philip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim

These are super safari chic and I love them.  Would also look great with the denim vest I am coveting (but cannot find).


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