Spring + Party (Sparty)

29 May

DSC_7058by Lauren

Last weekend my good friend and I hosted a little soiree to celebrate the  end of the hell that was 3 years of law school.  The original plan was to gather on her roof deck for a lovely afternoon of outdoor drinking; however, DC’s spring weather had different plans – tons of rain, wind and cold.  At the last minute, we had to relocate to the inside of my town house.  I wanted to share some photos of the occasion because there were a few touches that made the afternoon even more special (and even more “polished”).  I took these photos as I was setting up and of course neglected to snap a few of the finished product, but hopefully this conveys the idea.


I think one of the keys to setting a good “event” table is to give it some height and tiers & to mix elements.  To accomplish this, I used a wooden crate turned upside-down that Heather procured for me at Michael’s.  I also filled my cube vases with skittles and stuck cake pops in them to add color and whimsy.


The flower arrangements were a mix of pink peonies, blush spray roses, and white hydrangeas.  I threw in some compact yellow roses to add an extra element.


A not so great shot of my favorite black bean & corn salsa.  A slightly better depiction of the crystal champagne bucket I got from One Kings Lane a few months ago.  This piece does double duty as a large salad bowl.  Crystal champagne troughs can be had for a pretty insignificant price & add sophistication and glamour to a table scape year round.


On a side table I mixed a “creamsicle” drink in mason jars with fresh orange wedges and served it with paper straws in my bear head stirrup cups.  Anyone who has even logged into Pinterest knows that paper straws are chic and all the rage right now.  I thought the silver stirrup cups were cute and playful when I bought them, but now I am loving them as an accent piece around the house.

I sliced so many lemons and limes that my hands pruned.  I used key-limes because they are easier to cut and I think they look better.


The Absolut Pear bottle is one of my favorites & its color went well with the “spring” decor on the bar and table.  The flower bouquet was a very thoughtful gift from my sister.  I tied blue gingham ribbon around each vase to tie them together.

I wish I had pics of the food because it was delicious but I failed!!!  You will just have to take my word for it.


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