Gettin’ Buff

6 Jun

by lauren

Whitney and I share the same summer goal: get fit (we are “VGBs” – Virtual Gym Buddies, obviously).   Of course fresh, new gym clothes help with the motivation factor… and what better place to find said clothes but lululemon?  Looking good at the gym helps you get there, but also enables you to run impromptu errands in public after your workout.

Right now my favorite gym get up is the wunder under pant in a rich navy hue (called “inkwell”) with a mint green top – I love how the colors look together.  Think of your gym wardrobe as a great way to play with color combinations, contrasts, and shades you wouldn’t normally wear.  If it grows on you, or if the combo works – take it to your real wardrobe!


Wunder Under Pant – inkwell

neon green

Street to Studio Jacket

I love how bright this is – it will look really pulled together and would also look great with the navy pants.

Voyage Pullover

Voyage Pullover

I love how loose this fits – sometimes it is just so much more comfortable to run and work out in something with a loose fit – especially if you need to de-layer mid run.

And of course every cute gym goer needs a casual tote bag (though I am guilty of just using a purse):


Persifor Antilles Canvas Tote

& its equally as awesome counterpart in the duffle:


Wellie Tote

Clava Wellie Tote

Not only is this monogrammed, but the material looks extra durable.

Sloane Ranger

Sloane Ranger


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