A Hong Kong Shopping Adventure

25 Jul

By Whitney

Back in early May, I was in Hong Kong for work and my mom suggested I go get a bag made as a present to myself.  Obviously she is a smart woman as this was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.  Off I went to Maylin in the Penninsula Hotel (if you ever get the chance to be in HK, go check out the shopping underneath the Penninsula.  It’s spectacular in such a gorgeous hotel!!) as recommended by Babs.  I spent some time perusing the bags and seeing what I wanted and I came across a lizard clutch with a long chain in navy and said that was it.  I went through a literal book of different lizard skin colors to choose from and the teal jumped out at me instantly.  These awesome women were running around to find me exactly what I wanted (see below)  and the service was amazing.  I felt like a really fancy person.
Hong Kong Bags

Two months later, the bag arrived and I was super pumped to open up that package.  The bag is AMAZING.  It’s a wallet on a chain and the most gorgeous teal lizard I could have imagined.  It’s definitely a mini (see below relative to my legs) but I used it on Saturday night and was obsessed.  Such a fun purchase and I’m so glad I did it!!

Finished Product!


One Response to “A Hong Kong Shopping Adventure”

  1. knivesliao July 25, 2013 at 9:56 am #

    JEALOUS! Asia has great customer service, kind of a downer when I returned from my vacation 😉

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