Self Tanning Success Story

29 Jul

By Lauren

Today I made a vow – and that vow was that I will never live another day of my life without the Clarin’s Self Tanning Auto Bronzante Express gel.  Our good pal Meghan has been using it for years and since Whitney and I consider ourselves expert self tanners, I decided to give it a whirl.  It was expensive as far as tanners go, but the result were well worth it.  What I like:

1) The consistency is like a gel, ointment, lotion hybrid – meaning it goes on exceptionally evenly and doesn’t streak.  Do not be mistaken: it’s not greasy at all.  Rather, it’s like some kind of miracle skin recipe I have never even seen before.

2) The result is great – particularly on my face.  I look healthy (which given my current stress level, hygiene practices, social reclusion, poor diet, caffeine abuse, and general hostile mood is a real achievement), naturally glowing and a tan.  I think one more day of this and I may actually look like I went on vacation this year.

3) Smell.  While it does have a slight self tanning order, it’s nothing compared to what happens after you get a spray.

4) No streaking.  Trust me folks,  I have never successfully self tanned without a single streak of evidence.  This time – I can’t find one.  Not a single streak.  I’m floored.


One Response to “Self Tanning Success Story”

  1. trendbytes July 29, 2013 at 9:57 am #

    I particularly like point #2…made me chuckle! You must live in NYC…

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