25 Aug

by Lauren

Salut! and sorry for my radio silence – I have been all over the globe traveling and most recently have arrived in Paris… where I promptly (and accidentally) locked my laptop in a safe and couldn’t get it out.

Paris has obviously been divine.  My favorite sights have been les jardins des tuileries and the incredible architecture that defines the city.


Hat:  Otte New York

Obviously the shopping has been insane.  Aside from the standard French storefronts – Chloe, Celine, Chanel, Hermes, Maje, Sandro – we have been obsessing over Claudie Pierlot & Gerard Darel.  These brands do have a couple of stores in the states – but they are tough to find.  I think you’ll see Claudie Pierlot cropping up a bit more in the US, as they are part of the the killer Maje/Sandro duo.


Katelyn and I have both purchased a couple of jackets from each of the above mentioned stores.  Since my new job starts in a month I have focused on blazers that I can wear to the office and then pair with (my favorite) shorts and silk pants for going out on the weekends.  The structure and quality of the jackets here is unparalleled in the US.


Generally speaking, the French footwear is nothing to drool over.  However, Katelyn and I both found a sick pair of lace up, cut-out booties at Gerard Darel (above) and had to have them.

I am pretty confident that this fall is all about minimalism, and as such, have been taking notes from the French who have mastered this style.  My fall shopping thus far has focused on chic silk pants, structured tops, leather accents, and loads of mixing neutral colors – white, black, & tan.  The key to pulling this look is finding pieces that fit you perfectly… and if they don’t – making sure they are altered to fit you perfectly.  Think about menswear – the men who look the best are the ones who take simple, classic pieces and have them tailored to fit their bodies at every crease, seam, and cuff.   Investing in a few staple pieces for the fall will get you a long way – try to find silk trousers, and interesting shirts (see above) that you can mix and match – this will lend  a ton of outfit options for day and night without feeling like you are buying an entirely new closet.  The great thing about minimalist style is that the pieces you buy this season can be mixed in over years to come when styles change because they are usually basic with a twist.  I will post some more ideas on this in the weeks to come!


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