Sweatshirt Couture

9 Sep

By Whitney

I can’t believe I am writing about this because when this trend started last year, I was seriously against it.  Fancy sweatshirts?  That is ridiculous.  Until I actually tried one with a pair of jeans and I was like, ohhhhh I see why this is happening.   I purchased this lace-front navy JCrew sweatshirt and really haven’t taken it off much since its acquisition.  Love.   Some can range from the absurdly expensive to the completely reasonable so here are some favorites below.  I love the delicate combo of pearls/baby pink with the sweatshirt material on the Gibson top.  Clu’s entire line of ruffle embellished tops are just such easy picks for a Saturday.  Go get yourself one of these.  Your weekend wear will thank you.

Sweatshirt Couture

Girl by Band of Outsiders Tulip Sweatshirt – $235 // Gibson Embellished Neck Sweatshirt – $68 // Zoe Kartsen Bat Sweatshirt – $126 // Rory Beca Bragg Quilted Sweatshirt – $216 // Clu Too Ruffled Sweatshirt – $108 // JCrew Horsing Around Sweatshirt – $65 // JCrew Painted Jewel Sweatshirt (obsessed) – $98


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