What’s In My Gym Bag??

10 Sep

By Whitney

What's in my Gym Bag

This summer, I made the commitment of getting to the gym on a regular basis and I’ve been pretty good about sticking to it.  There are some key items permanently in my gym bag that really help with those early AM workouts because there is nothing worse than getting up at 6AM and feeling unprepared.

Overall Prep:

I love this Under Armour bag.  The pockets are in key places (i.e. my gym card is easily accessible in the outside pocket and my headphones are in a slot right nextdoor) and I love the narrow style which keeps me small on the subway.  Speaking of headphones, it is key for me to have a pair that actually stay in my ears when I’m running on the treadmill.  These Yurbuds are my favorite. They are actually made for women and I am convinced our ear holes are smaller. CONVINCED.  I also have separate gym headphones from “the rest of my life” headphones bc I am really gross at the gym and think these two things should be separate.  FYI.

Having extra socks is always helpful and pink ones always put some pep in my step.

Two other important items?  A cute water bottle and some face wipes for once you’re done.  These Simple ones make me feel so clean.

Shower Prep:

Flip flops are key.  No matter how fancy your gym, all gym floors are gross.  I also tend to forget my flats to commute to work so when in a pinch, a cuter pair of flips is helpful.

Let’s discuss the hair situation.  I am a really sweaty gym go-er so I always need headbands and I prefer soft hair ties that don’t leave giant marks.   Emi-Jays are my favorites ($6.50) and these are pretty fall colors.  I throw these in the wash so they aren’t icky.  I also bring a travel set of hair products for the shower situation.   This Bumble and Bumble trio is perfect for when you are air drying your hair afterwards.   A wide tooth comb is a must because my hair tends to be knotty after a sweat sesh.  I’m not saying that I do this, but dry shampoo is key for those times when OTHER people don’t have time for a shower and blow dry their hair and try to get a wear out of it.   Klorane is my favorite dry shampoo there is (thank you, Birchbox!) so go get this perfectly sized can.

On Your Way Out:

Throw your dirty workout clothes in one of these Flight 001 bags.  It’s always good to keep your gross things away from your not-so-gross things plus these can be thrown in the wash and reused.


One Response to “What’s In My Gym Bag??”

  1. Abby September 10, 2013 at 8:32 am #

    Love this post – I have been perfecting my ‘gym bag’ routine for a few months now, and totally agree with all of your necessities.

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