Product Spotlight – UP

17 Sep

By Whitney

This is not my standard shopping/beauty post but I want to highlight a gadget that I think is pretty much A+.   UP by Jawbone is a fitness “bracelet” that you wear to track the number of steps you’re taking everyday as well as how much sleep you are getting.  You really don’t have to do anything; you just wear it on your wrist and then plug it into your phone to upload the data onto the UP app.   You’ll see how much sleep you got the night before (deep vs. light) and how active you were.  If you are feeling ambitious, you can enter what you’ve eaten into the app as well to be a calorie counter (I will not be doing this).  We got my dad one for his birthday because he likes data and I’d say he’s a fan.   The navy is sold out (bummer) but I’m thinking that light gray might be a cute addition to my arm party.  Apparently I am not alone as this article in the NYPost called the fitness band Fashion Week’s hottest accessory.

UP by Jawbone – $130


One Response to “Product Spotlight – UP”

  1. Abby September 17, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    for your readers who are intrigued by the idea of collecting all this data, but don’t want to wear a bracelet, I recommend the Fitbit One (which i’ve been wearing for a year now). It’s smaller and more discreet, but also tracks steps and sleep. i’m borderline obsessed with it.

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