The start of a big project…

23 Sep

by Lauren

So I have started on the delightful journey of redecorating my living space. I am starting with the living room and then moving on to my bedroom. For inspiration I have obviously browsed pinterest… but I think that my preferences overall have been largely influenced by my parents’ tastes and homes. This photo is the one that has resonated with me the most. I love how feminine it is and I love the French influences.

I think it is helpful if you have a few photos of a decorating style that you love, to start. I also knew that I wanted to begin by getting a nice couch. I also knew that I wanted a tufted couch. I did see some couches that deviated from this look that I loved throughout the week, but the vision I have in my head always lead me back to something sleek, tufted and size efficient. Since my living space is tight, I need a couch that maximizes the seating space. This means, smaller arm rests. I think I have finally settled on this one by Bernhardt:


Since the couch is so feminine, I am having it upholstered in a ecru fabric with some texture to it. I think a more delicate fabric would have been too “girly.”

My NEXT mission is to find two matching chairs or an antique settee for the seating area opposite this couch. Right now my vision is to do that piece in a white and tan toile fabric. I will keep updating here as I make decisions (and I will include some photos!).


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