Great discovery: Framed & Matted

25 Sep

by Lauren

So as I mentioned, I am in the process of redecorating my living space.  Part of that redecoration involves putting together a “gallery wall.”  If you have been on pinterest, you know what I am talking about.  I have recently procured a number of great photographs  – ones of “up north” (Michigan) and ones of the campus of my high school – they are vintage and so cool.

However, I have dreaded, and I mean DREADED finding a custom framing store to have them matted and framed.  Living in a city makes seemingly simple tasks such as that much more time consuming (driving across town, parking, waiting, ordering, picking up).  Enter… Framed & Matted!

The online solution to custom matting and framing.  The site has curated custom frames, sends you free samples with which you can play and experiment, and has plenty of inspiration for helping you find the look you want.  I  love this mix of dark frames with white matting – now to get started!

Stairs with frames


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