Sonoma Wedding Packing List

26 Sep

By Whitney

My dear dear friend Kae is getting married this weekend in Sonoma and I am so excited to celebrate her big day. I’m headed there after the much-needed vacation to Hawaii I’m currently on (Aloha!) so all in all, I have a pretty great end of September. Sonoma in the fall is perfect weather but the key to my weekend will be layering so here we go.

Sonoma Packing List

Friday Night Drinks:

I love a Maje dress. They are form fitting, flattering and the “Darling” dress I am wearing in a steel blue color (only sold in black online) really lives up to its name. It’s a Friday night so I want to dress up without being too much so my go-to Roarke necklace will go well with the solid dress (thank you, PK). I’ll pair the dress with some more fall colors like my Hong Kong python bag (this Primary clutch is a great option as well) and some chunky suede heels.

Wine Tasting:

During the day on Saturday (and possibly Friday) we’ll be tasting some wine with friends and my new obsession with JCrew denim will come in handy. I’ll absolutely be bringing a leather jacket and this one still is one of my favorites at a verrrrry reasonable price. Throw a t shirt or a henley on depending on the weather (Splendid tees are my favorite), some neutral flats and a gorge statement necklace and I’m good for the day. I might add that the necklace can also go with either of my dresses as well if I’m feeling a change and the price is pretty A+ too.


I struggled with what to wear to this wedding for a while. I finally found a charcoal gray lace Milly dress that I’m now obsessed with and looks equally good with tights and without. Since the wedding is at a vineyard, wedges are a no-brainer. I’m most likely going necklace free and wearing longer earrings so I don’t take away from the perfect lace. Since it will be chilly at night, I’m bringing a Helmut Lang jacket that is fitted, cropped and thicker fabric to keep me looking chic while warming me up (and can also be paired with my outfit on Friday night!).


There is no outfit in this collage for Sunday but you can assume leggings, a sweatshirt and a blanket to cover my incredibly hungover face on the flight home to NYC.

2 Responses to “Sonoma Wedding Packing List”

  1. knivesliao September 26, 2013 at 3:36 pm #

    Whitney, I am in napa this weekend for a wedding? I’ll clink a glass to you from across the valley.

  2. Lindsay Hagan September 29, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    outfits = successes!! esp loved the Roarke necklace ūüôā

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