Lauren’s Project: Phase 2

9 Oct

By Lauren

Even though I have not found the perfect settee or the perfect armchairs for my living room… I am moving on to the floors.  Since the floors in my house desperately need to be redone, I am attempting to cover the ground space with a neutral rug so that I may layer the zebra rug on top.  As a reminder, this was my vision:

So I have acquired two sisal rugs from Pottery Barn just to give the floor a neutral feel for me to decorate on top.  The floors in my house are old, and they drive me bananas, so the more coverage the better.

I have spent a lot of time looking for a zebra cowhide rug, and they were all quite pricey.  I have a hard time dropping a lot of money on a rug because of my dog… they get so dirty and beat up, very quickly.  That said, I got a great tip from a designer friend – to locate a wholesaler for these rugs.  Instantly the price dropped in half.  I have had luck with Sunderlander & Cowhides International.   I haven’t placed my order yet but I will be doing so in the next couple of weeks.


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