Monday Lust List

28 Oct

By Whitney

The theme to my fall wardrobe seems to be blacks as basics and neutral or soft palletes on top.  Truthfully, I’m in all black pretty much everyday with a jacket on top to give me some spice but lust lists are for lusting, right???  I’m loving the Tory Burch tunic as it would look gorge with black or navy skinny pants.  The CWonder heels look like like they could spice up my work wardrobe too.  There will be more to come on this but I’m getting excited for some holiday dresses like the Anthro one below!!!

October Lust list II

Top Row:  CWonder Suede Watersnake Pumps (also love these in black) – $148 // BaubleBar Geode Drops – $20 // JCrew Bib Necklace Sweatshirt – $98 // JCrew Factory Knee Socks – $10 // Tory Burch Helena Tunic – $500 (I know it’s expensive but this sweater is the perfect fall item)

Bottom Row:  Anthropologie Effervescence Dress (holiday dresses are starting…love this one for all winter long) – $188 // Repetto Suede Flats (in the best jewel tone) – $285 // Essie Power Clutch – $8 // JCrew Cocoon Coat (in the perfect gray) – $350 // JCrew Factory Gigi Pants (are these not so cute?!!) – $88


2 Responses to “Monday Lust List”

  1. Abby October 28, 2013 at 9:10 am #

    Talk to me about C Wonder shoes? I’ve always thought of C Wonder as ‘cheap and cute accessories’, but never really ventured into their clothing/shoe options. Are they well made? Cute? Will they last 3 wears or a full season? I haven’t seen them in person so would love any guidance!

    PS – the tunic is ridic – i so hope you become one of those ladies who only wears tunics everywhere, while clutching a G&T in your paws. xoxo

    • prettypolishedblog October 28, 2013 at 11:35 am #

      1) You know I absolutely will be one of those ladies except substitute vodka on the rocks for the g&t.

      2) So far my experience with CWonder shoes (and some clothes here and there) have been pretty positive. They’re very cute but I don’t recommend for people with wide feet. As you know, I rubber sole shoes no matter where they are from to help them last so that’s a must on these too!

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