Zara Favorites

17 Dec

By Whitney

It is a busy week indeed but isn’t it always right before the holidays?  My budget is busted but that doesn’t mean I can’t ogle at some amazing finds at reasonable prices from Zara.  I have to give some credit to my friend Deena (i.e. Dr. Pegler the best dentist ever) for sending me over some of these.  We both are loving Zara’s winter line and there are so many options to dress up your work attire or get a holiday outfit that is actually reasonable.

Zara Favorites


Top Row:  Combined Leather Gloves – $30 // Top With Faux Leather Cuffs (I wear this at work constantly) – $70 // Fitted Checked Dress (also love this shorter/boxier version) – $100 // Coat With Gathering on Shoulder (I am DYING for this) – $190

Bottom Row:  Mohair Coat (I stopped someone on the street with this coat. She looked like a winter snow princess) – $190 // Embroidered Dress – $140 // Cable Stitch Sweater – $60 // Studded Minaudiere – $100



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