Some Friday Reading

3 Jan

By Whitney

Work is totally boring slow this week so I spent some time compiling a list of things for you to snuggle up on your couches to read on this wintry day (and weekend). Have a good one!!

1. PureWow’s Pump Up Guide – This “30 reasons to get excited for 2014” list is entertaining and made me laugh. Downton’s return, Gone Girl the movie, Tina Fey back to tv writing, I’m already looking forward to the year ahead.

2. Ever since getting an iPad, reading is one of my favorite hobbies, especially in the chilly weather. I just finished City of Thieves (an excellent book for men and women) and am now into a murder novel Human Remains that I will be sure to recommend to my fellow crime-obsessed best friend Teri once I’m done.

3. Watch Blackfish on Netflix. My friend Suzanne and I saw this a few months back and it will make you want to SAVE EVERY SINGLE ORCA FROM SEAWORLD.

4. I’ll try to go to the gym once this weekend and force myself to do this workout. It looks pretty awesome especially since I would describe my core as “mush” right now.

5. This made me cry almost as much as the iPhone Christmas commercial. Tip of the hat to you, Apple.

6. I’m teaching myself to paint my own nails so I’ll be practicing with one of these season-less neutrals.


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