2014 – Get Organized

9 Jan

By Whitney

When I was in high school, I pretty much lived and died through my Kate Spade planner. I thought I was sooooo grown-up putting in my Calculus assignments and play rehearsals as if they were some sort of meeting I just HAD to attend. I’m still pretty much the same as an adult except now I’m writing down doctor appointments and client meetings because if not, I’d totally forget to show up since my short term memory is non-existent. I, like many women, am a total nerd when it comes to organization. I carry around my calendar everywhere whether it be on my phone or my planner and I still prefer the tried-and-true paper version. There are some pretty cute ones out there to help you get organized for 2014. Go schedule some “me” time in one of these adorable options!

Emily Ley Simplified Planner – $50


Sarah Pinto Weekly Planner – $20

Graphic Image Weekly Journal (I love all of the fun colors this comes in) – $70

Maybooks Personalized Agendas – $28

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