Friday Reading List

31 Jan

1.  It’s the first Superbowl in the NY area which is pretty exciting.  I don’t really care about the winner but I do want to see the tobogan run on Broadway and I am so proud to live in a place that picks Renee Fleming for singing the national anthem.  I also love the prop bets like, Will Renee wear gloves?  What sort of hat will Bruno Mars wear (my money is on fedora)?  Will Wes Welker drop a pass? What color gatorade will be poured on the winning coach?

2.  I’m going to be making these no bake snacks over this weekend (keywords being “no” and “bake”).  That 4:00 hunger I always feel is getting me creative!

3.  What an inspirational feel good story.  I am an easy cryer but my goodness, this one touched my heart.

4.  I just love this pajama set.  Perfect for a gift for others or a gift for yourself.

5.   When you are in a rush it doesn’t mean you can’t get a workout in.  My 6AM wakeups are rough during the week but knowing I can do a quick 20 minute treadmill workout and get some results is motivating.

6.  Since everyone is on a smoothie craze, don’t lose your New Years Resolutions for a fresh start and try some of these de-toxing smoothie recipes.

7.  I love this bag for spring.  The light neutral, the perforation, it’s a classic.  Spring.  Sigh.

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