Loving Zara Jewelry

12 Feb

By Whitney

A trip into Zara on a weekend is usually a mistake.  No matter how much you want an item, the insane crowds give me so much anxiety I usually run away more stressed than when I walked in.  One thing I did notice on my quick trip in this weekend was how great their jewelry line has gotten.  Such cool statement pieces for really reasonable prices.  I am loving the pieces below and also this awesome chain necklace for $26 (amazing) and this antique looking number for $40.

Zara necklace with geometric rhinestones

This is one of those pieces you’ll wear and get 1,000 compliments on.

Necklace with Geometric Rhinestones – $50

Zara White Chains Bracelet

This reminds me of a Henri Bendel piece I loved that was like $200.  I love the white and it also comes in black.

Chains Bracelet – $17

Zara Necklace with Flowers and Stass

Necklace with Flowers and Strass – $50

Zara Chain Belt

This is like jewelry for your waist line.

Chain Belt – $30


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