Not Skimping on Skin Care

26 Feb

by Lauren

Until last week, I have spent my entire life cutting corners on my skin care – going to bed without washing my face, neglecting to moisturize every day etc etc.  Well I made a resolution and I am sticking to it.  I overhauled my face regime and already my skin looks and feels better, more vibrant, moisturized and clearer.  I have very dry skin, so this isn’t for everyone, but I can say these products deliver…

Shiseido 1

Shiseido White Lucent Cleanser

This cleanser works into a rich lather – with a promise to brighten – my skin feels and looks flawlessly clean afterward.

Shiseido 2

Shiseido Alcohol Free Toner

Honestly, I will never use another toner again.  My #1 rule for a toner is that it has to be alcohol free – otherwise you’re just drying your skin out!  This one is so soft, my skin feels like a baby’s butt afterward.

Bobbi Brown - Extra Repair Serum

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Serum

Since I’m becoming really paranoid about how dry my skin gets in the winter, I splurged on this baby.  Honestly though – who doesn’t get intense dry spots in the winter?  This is perfect for those areas.  I use it on my entire face – and even if you don’t use this everywhere, you need to be putting serum on your skin before your face cream, otherwise your skin cannot fully absorb the cream’s moisture.

Bobbi Brown - Buffing Grains For Face

Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains

This might have been unnecessary – BUT, you have to exfoliate your face or the dead skin just builds up (ew).  Whatever you do, don’t use a body exfoliator on your face – it is way too strong for the thin skin around your T-Zone.  I like this product because I can add the buffing grains to my cleanser, in whatever amount is necessary.


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