Friday Reading List

14 Mar

Ugh.  Friday.  Finally.  Hope you guys have great weekends!  My apartment is a mess so I am pretty excited to get my life together this weekend and drink some pinot grigio (obvi).  Here are some fun sites to distract you today.

1.  These pictures are just fascinating and so cool!  Considering I screamed bloody murder into a snorkel when  I swam near a sea turtle, I am fascinated by sea life.

2.  With St. Patrick’s Day coming up on Monday, I am going to attempt to make some Irish soda bread on Sunday because it’s so yummy and delicious and not a treat for everyday.  These Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes sound pretty good too.

3.  This little munchkin conducting a choir is so intense and hilarious.

3.  I adore this dress and its blue/green color combo for spring.

4.  I am really in the mood for a new monogram piece.  I’m thinking a baby pink or pearl of this guy or maybe this delicate bracelet?

5.  My phone dies at least once a day so this backup charger is a must.

6.  Bloomingdales is having a spend more, save more event.  I am loving this Rebecca Taylor dress and this beautiful Alexis Bittar necklace.


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