Friday Reading List

21 Mar

It’s your first Friday in Spring everyone!  I am going to drink some champs tonight to celebrate.

1.  March Madness has begun and winner takes $400 so keep your fingers crossed for my bracket (that Lauren clearly copied for hers).  Read this article if you are a college basketball fan like me, i.e. someone who could care less any other time of the year but needs something to entertain her at work.

2.  It’s the second day of spring so I’m already cruising for white dresses.  I adore the lace accents on this one.

3.  Lululemon launched &Go on Tuesday, a new line of athletic wear that can be easily taken to the street. Six of the 12 pieces sold out in the first few hours which isn’t surprising but I’m not 100% sold yet.  What do you guys think???

4.  I have a fancy wedding coming up and I dream of wearing this dress.

5.  JCrew has 25% off everything with the code  “HEYSPRING “.  I have my eye on this jeweled blouse, this awesome pair of sandals, my favorite pair of pants in navy and a basic tank to wear everyday in the summer.

6.  This is for my dear friend Jenn because she is Canadian and loves being Canadian.

7.  Are you guys seeing Divergent this weekend or what????  I.  Cannot. Wait.

One Response to “Friday Reading List”

  1. knivesliao March 21, 2014 at 11:00 pm #

    Um, hi…that new Lululemon line has me drooling!

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