Party Decor to Brighten Up Your Monday

31 Mar

By Whitney

1 - Happy Day Banners

Let’s just discuss that this weather is totally depressing.  I was going to post my favorites from Bloomies Friends and Family that just started (20% off through April 6th with code “FF14”) but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I needed to post something cheerful to help perk up the Monday blahs combined with the rainy day blues.  Enter  Target’s latest collaboration is with the #1 pinterest pinner Joy Oh.  Joy’s blog is super cute and fun but her party supply collaboration with Target is just ADORABLE.  The spring colors are a welcome change and if I were hosting a party anytime soon, I would be forcing the attendees to be wearing the  pastel party hats the entire time.  Besides the below, I’m loving the gold confetti, the wall decals and pretty much everything in this collection!

party tray

Party Tray – $15

noise blowers

Noise Blowers – $3 for 8

 Rectangular Plates

Rectangular Plates – $3 for 10Oh Joy! Trash Bags Coral 4ct

Even your garbage bags ($3 for 4) can be cute.


One Response to “Party Decor to Brighten Up Your Monday”

  1. julie in sf March 31, 2014 at 10:33 pm #

    Whitney – i’m super excited to read your post on oh joy 🙂

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