DIY Dior Earrings

10 Apr

Today we have a special guest post written by my dear friend Abby.   We talk Bravo and/or shopping on a daily basis via gchat and I hope this is one of many posts from her!   Thanks, Abs!

By Abby

I’m so excited to share my DIY store with Pretty Polished readers! (I basically only buy what Whitney tells me to).  Like everyone else on Earth, I basically want to come back in my next life as Jennifer Lawrence, so when I spied these earrings, I wanted them.  Immediately.  I did not, however, want to pay 10 zillion dollars for them.   I found this helpful DIY and thought “I’m totally crafty!  I can do this”, and set off to make my own version.


I went to Target and purchased a set of “Pearl” Earrings – a 3 pack with different sizes.  This cost me $8.00.  I already had super glue and some of those rubber earring backs, but if i had to buy those also, it would have been a few dollars more.
I used some pliers to remove the backs from the biggest pearl earrings and was left with 2 big pearls with a TINY hole in each.  No way the rubber earring backs would fit in the hole.  I used my drill to make the hole a little bigger, but drill + plastic pearl is not the most successful combo.  The rubber backs didn’t go all the way in (so they’re not flush like in the instructions), but you can’t tell when they’re on, and they give the back pearl a little boost (so it’s not so flush with your ear) Basically I followed the directions exactly as in the directions other than the drill.
Here are  the finished product and me modeling the earrings on my way to the gym.  Total time was very short (I let the super glue dry overnight and reinforced it the next day since the backs didn’t go all the way into the pearls), and they’re holding up well!   I might recommend trying to find pearls with bigger holes if you try this on your own (maybe Claire’s has a “Pearl” necklace where the beads have bigger holes?).
earrings 1
I’m so excited about my new earrings and I think I saved myself $10,000 by DIY-ing them, so now I can buy more Kate Spade essentials.  Win Win.

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