Bedroom inspiration

18 Apr

by lauren

So – big news! I am moving!  and with said move, comes all of the exciting prospects of redecorating and assembling things exactly as I want them to be.  As you know, I have spent a lot of time upgrading the items in my living room – namely the couch and the coffee table.  Next on my list of overhauls is my bedroom… I am on the hunt for an aesthetic that is sophisticated, classic but fun and one that I will be satisfied with for quite some time.  So this inspiration # 1…

– Antelope Carpet

– Nailhead headboard

– White bed

– Twin night stands

– Budgie lamps

– Wall art – TBD

As we all know, I am obsessed – obsessed – with anything animal inspired.  So, I know I have to be careful about incorporating too many animal elements into a space.  However, I think this Antelope carpet was pretty much meant for me (below).  Both Beuavais and Stark make a rendition of this and can make it into a rug that would fit my new space.

{Antelope Carpet}

{Amanda Nisbet does Stark's Antelope Carpet}

:: Beauvais Antelope Carpet in Nicole Hanley Mellon's apartment ::
The walls in my new space are a pale gray and I think the walls may even work with the warm brown colors -we’ll have to see!

When I was in South Carolina, I happened upon the Budgie lamp at the historical society and fell in love with it.  I think it would be very cute to have these on either side of my bed:

Newport Budgie Lamp by Jeanne Reed - I fell in love with this lamp at the Shops of the Historic Charleston Foundation.  Too bad it's blasted expensive.
Sitting atop a warm colored nightstand.  (Yet to find).  More to come!


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