Friday Reading List

25 Apr

By Whitney

Happy Friday everyone!!!  We did it.  We made it through the week.  This was a rough one back from a week of vaca but glad it’s almost over!  I am taking the month off from shopping and focusing more on getting back into summer shape (I wasn’t kidding yesterday when I said my pants don’t fit) so that I’ll have a lot more lifestyle posts coming up.  Have an amazing weekend!  Xoxo


1.  Have any of you ever read The Goldfinch?  I’m thinking of adding it to my next read but this Glitter Guide list is pretty solid to start your summer reading with!

2.  I can’t believe this classic silhouette is under $100 and from Asos.

3.  Lately I’ve been maxing out my gym time at 60 minutes.  It just stresses me out if I do more so I’ll take 40 minutes of cardio and add on a 10 minute strength training FitSugar workout.  I’m loving this one to tone your tushes.

4.  35 Restaurants with amazing views – these places are enough to plan a trip around!!

5.  I’m not sure if you are all as obsessed as I am with Princess Kate’s wardrobe but I am loving it.  This article shows her recent New Zealand trip’s collection.  Do you guys think she practiced walking down the airplane steps in 4″ heels holding a baby before this trip because I do.

6.  JCrew has taken the scuba trend and brought it to the workplace.  This dress is pretty awesome.

7.  I would like to use #7 to do a Public Service Announcement.  Can everyone figure out a way to tell people to stop slurping hot beverages???  As I type this, I’m sitting next to a grown man slurping his coffee and he is making me want to vomit.

8.   Charm and Chain launched a Kaleidescope Collection for their 5th birthday.  So many bright and gorgeous colors!


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